Polyimide Thermal Transfer Labels

Welcome to the Stranco online store for quick-ship of high-temperature polyimide thermal transfer labels. Our goal is to make your purchase of polyimide labels fast and easy, and all at direct-from-the-manufacturer pricing. When you need more than one or two rolls or a label solution not currently on our ecommerce site, please contact us directly to discuss custom pricing.

Distributors: Contact us for information on our distributor programs.

Stranco offers a range of high-performance polyimide labels (often referred to as Kapton labels) that are engineered to survive in the harsh environments specific to printed circuit board manufacturing and electronics manufacturing. Specifically, Polyimide thermal transfer labels are designed to withstand high temperatures and the associated chemicals, cleaners and solvents of the PCB manufacturing process.

All of Stranco's high-temperature polyimide labels meet the requirements of RoHS and REACH and are Halogen free.

To get started, click on one of the polyimide label materials below to see a short list of label sizes and materials available by e-commerce.

For complete information on available label sizes and materials please visit the Stranco's Thermal Label Home Page